Mr. Kubota at work

A Short History of Walker Equipment Repair

"County morgue, you kill 'em, we chill 'em!"

Established in 2019, Walker Equipment Repair started as a one-man, one-shop operation. Over the past several years, it has grown both on purpose and completely by accident. It was built on one principle - that people just don't do business like they used to.

Aaron Walker (aka "Mr. Kubota") has been mechanic-ing ever since he could walk. With experience in every type of equipment, he found a special preference for professional grade, Paul Bunyon-sized motors and uncovered a knack for hydraulics. He built Walker Equipment Repair by fixing what was broke and leaving well enough alone when necessary.

The Growing Years

At some point, the workload became too much for one person and Walker Equipment Repair grew. Mr. Kubota, as capable as he is, needed some sidekicks to manage the rapidly expanding queue of heavy equipment needing repair. Enter Robert Ray, Jr. and Robert "Boob" Wyche - skilled hands capable of supporting Mr. Kubota in takin' care of business.

Now a skilled team fixing poorly-oiled machines like a well-oiled machine, Aaron, Bob, and Boob have put out countless fires - literally, saved businesses from certain doom and helped the little guy out on more than one occasion. If you have a broken piece of farm equipment, you know what to do.

In the future ...

A steady pillar of the community during times of crisis, Walker Equipment Repair isn't going anywhere. Having survived the toils and tragedies of manufacturing interruptions and shipping delays, only a bright future lies ahead for these gumshoe smoke punks. Stay gold, Mr. Kubota. Stay gold.